31 December 2011

New Year's Eve

snow and ice pellets before dawn
red long underwear and wool socks
krauch's smoked atlantic salmon
a warm warm sweater
poetry and translation discussion
an exchange of books
downhill in freezing rain
a fit of sneezing
strong enough to stop me
a pan of sauteed scallops
an atlantic lobster dressed in red
a growler of picaroons best bitter
post-"be..." research foiled
by internet erasure–revisioning
by the in-control powers
of denial and distance
as canada's national blue-wrap
stretches its inner whiteness
in its occupy increasingly
questioned by other informal
grassroots occupy movements
camped out in the cold
while the bums on the plush
celebrate themselves
their control and holding on
to the end of the year
and unknown futures
of one and all …

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