24 September 2010

poem written before

walking towards an assassination
attempt but i keep walking slowly
quietly looking at the grey clouds
and many shades of green in trees
and plants and the burn from too
little water or too much gravel
where there should be soil
see a pink rose petal
far from any rose bush
and marvel at the power
of wind and what we have
built that obstructs
if without that purpose
but sometimes yes
for that purpose
even harnessing kinetic
energy of the winds
is an exploitation
without permission
not quite as invasive
or destructive as mining
or the damming of rivers
or the deliberate splitting
of atoms and where
will it stop when
to cry out enough
maybe we don’t need
this power this access
to abuse this control
of air for any reason
anyone/anything’s cake
and we dematerialize
become naked apes
to live or not
until we forget
we are living without
but are living simply

walking not into a trap
or ambush but into misunderstanding
that i feel i know a little
enough to trouble myself
and to be perceived as others’ problem
but having been chosen to represent
not in image but in body and mind
now i have been othered
by those same
or on the continuum
in the stream i am in
and have been in a while
swimming afloat treading water
but not clinging or damming
have come to see the particles
i am one of at this juncture
perhaps to recognize
as a participant
or participant–observer
ego upfront enabler
but what does it matter
when eventually i will
not be and my particles
will no longer sustain this life
as i’ve experienced it
no more making waves
or being carried by waves
death comes to us all
without exception
parts of me have been
blown into thinner space
relative to earth
in the expanding universe
for some time now
other parts i’ve shed
and they fall to the floor
and ground dead
and i consume to rebuild
until my body tires or fails
in that effort or choice
is taken from me

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