29 August 2009

Year of the Ox: 5th time

■ Just getting started
■ Named after great-grandfather (mom’s grandfather) and my father
■ No plans

■ Grade 6 (road trip to Port Royal, Annapolis Royal, Balmoral Grist Mill, etc.) to grade 7: Bell Ayr Elementary to Jr High—same building
■ Photographing with a Kodak 126
■ Made decorative shield in metal shop/Industrial Arts @ Ellenvale Jr High

■ Intro to graphic tech, letterpress lead typesetting
■ First freelance income: operated graphic camera
■ Went to the Banff Centre (Poetry)
■ Broken Jaw Press started publishing: first a zine & poetry postcards
■ Co-founder of RePUBLICcover @ NSCAD
■ Skills Devo Grant (NS): my first grant
■ Started Bourbon Street Poetry Workshops (precursor to BS Poetry Society)

■ Inter-arts performance recording & moderating my panel on poets & publishing @ League con in National Library, Ottawa
Open 24 Hours 5-poet anthology
Tribeca chapbook with above/ground press
■ Became editor of New Brunswick Knowledge Industry News
■ Photos in Against the Wall: The Art of Graffiti, UNB Arts Centre, Fredericton
■ Rcvd first Barry Award for Ashes, Paper & Beans rado show
■ Affiliated self & BJP with Canadian Copyright Licencing Agency

■ 18-month gov job contact terminated
■ Applied to & was accepted into UNB grad school, Faculty of Ed
■ Apartment building fire forced evacuation
■ New home in same town
■ New jobs/contracts: LTTA Adjunct Artist; Grad TA, etc.

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