20 July 2009

A Pedway of Bras for the Cause

After UNB class today I biked downhill to the riverside Green expecting to see the completed installation of bras across the pedway but they'd only just started selecting the banners; so I spent the next hour or so helping hang the banners and lengths of clothesline holding over 300 donated bras from the Fredericton community [and I was given one of the pastel pink T-shirts to wear].

A happy Beth Ashton, Volunteer Run Codirector 2009, with the literature.

A Pedway of Bras with several volunteers waving at the rush hour traffic on Pointe Sainte-Anne Drive.

Beth and (I think?) Louis beside the road with a sign and giant hand.

Tomorrow morning the bras all come down.

T: Paint Canada Pink / CIBC Run for the Cure
loc: broken mapp desk
temp: 28°C (humidex 32°C)
sound: Björk "Bachelorette"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the blog post. It was an amazing event, and we certainly couldn't have done it without your help.