27 May 2009

Some lost books . . .

I was making notes during the post-fire extraction of things from the smoked apartment and have continued during the unpacking. Here are some of the books too far gone with water absorption and/or mildew to keep:

Lady Franklin's Revenge, Ken McGoogan (hard cover, autographed and dedicated to me @ a BookExpo Canada signing).
The Hollow, Richard Truhlar.
New Sufi Songs and Dances, Carol Ann Sokoloff (autographed & dedicated to me @ BookExpo 2002).
Between Families and the Sky (Goose Lane), Alan Cumyn.
Man of Bone, Alan Cumyn.
A Woman Alone on the Atikokan Highway (Wolsak and Wynn), Jeanette Lynes.
Left Field (Wolsak and Wynn), Jeanette Lynes.
Inside, Kenneth J. Harvey.
The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell.
The Memory Orchard (Brick Books), Tim Bowling.
Going Down Goose Lane Toward Broken Jaw: Fredericton poems & stories (Harmonia press), Wayne Ray.
Lifedream (Guernica), Herménégilde Chiasson, translated by Jo-Anne Elder.

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Ca doit-etre un gros couchmare..J'attends que tu es o.k. pi que t'aime ta place...L..