31 March 2009

APB, 31 mars 2009

Happy ye olde New Years' Eve!!!

Tonight's Ashes, Paper & Beans, started with a mini profile of three spoken word tracks off Calgarian Moe Clark's debut CD Circle of She: "Expose It", "Time", & "Party of Saints". Next was veteran Calgarian Sheri-D Wilson (w/ Russell Broom) and "Big Sky Alberta".

Feature was eight tracks by Vince Tinguely from his chapbook and CD I Am Burdened With A Past: "Do You Have Something A Little Less Totalitarian?", "Scarlett", "Collateral Damage", "Escape Velocity", "TV Poem 2", "I Have No Idea What I Want", "Reminder (The Shock and Awe Mix)", & "Oilers".

Lastly, off the SLAM soundtrack, was Lauren with "Run Free".

shirt: Alcatraz Psycho Ward Outpatient
loc: post-APB
temp: 1 C
sound: NCIS

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