10 February 2009

Ashes, Paper & Beans, 10feb2009

Live interview with Micha of Nonymous magazine here in Fredchicken, NB.

"Everybody" by Reg E. Gaines
"Sweats" by Nancy Dembowski
"So What" by Lilian Allen
"Stoplight Politics" by Ruth Foreman
"Project Princess" by Tracie Morris
"The X is Black (Spike Lie)" by Amiri Baraka
"Alien Nation Love" by Dub Trinity
"Malcolm is 'Bout More than Wearing the X" by Michael Warr
"Schoolyard of Broken Deams" by Marvin Tate
"Undertaker" by Patricia Smith
"Strong" by Motion in Poetry

T: NBFC Celebrating 15 years 1979-1994
loc pre-road packin'
temp: -7 C
sound NCIS

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