12 August 2008

ashes, papier & beans, 12 aug 2008

Tonight's show, the first live in three weeks, was a reaction to rhubarb: Started with Bob Holman's "Lounge Chair", R.C. Weslowski's "i've been thinking / it's about time", "Bridges" by Utah Phillips & ami difranco, and "longstoryshort" by Sekou Sundiata. Continues with "Intro to Smoke (A Novel)" by R. Murray Schafer, Go Now (chapters 1 & 2) by Richard Hell, "Vive le (for Henri Chopin)" by Paul Dutton, and ended with « Pandore » par Mitsiko Miller.

shirt: black, short-sleeve Vintage Silk
loc: postroadshow
temp: 17 C
sound: BronweN Silent Victim

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