24 June 2008

Ashes, Paper & Beans, 24 Jun 2008

Ashes, Paper & Beans tonight was mainly a mix of tributes and selections from new material received. Started with James Reaney & "The Ducks", followed by "Filthy Words" & "Occupation: Foole" by George Carlin; "Beat the Drum" by Christoher Stewart; "Sin Tax" by Penn Kemp; "Howl" & "Invisible Wings II" by Geode Music + Poetry; "Pome Poem" by bpNichol; "WISH (for bp)" by Gerry Shikatani; and, from Ultraeye by Richard Rathwell, "The Whale" & "Revelations from the Whale".

T: Smooth Rock Falls ● Canada
loc: post-APB Art Dept
temp: 21°C
sound: Jale Dreamcake

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Unknown said...

Aww, Carlin :( He's my favourite. I was so sad to hear of his passing. Wish I could have heard the show.